Cooking Academy

A fun cooking game with international recipes for kids and adults

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Cooking Academy takes the fun of creating your own dishes and turns it into a cute little game suitable for the whole family. The original game was such a hit that it inspired several sequels, but none of those newer games offered as much fun and excitement as the original.

The game starts with players receiving a recipe for a new dish. They need to gather the ingredients and follow the steps in the recipe to create the final dish. Those smaller games take patience and a quick eye. You might need to use your mouse to follow a green line on the screen and chop or cut fruits and vegetables, or you might need to follow meat on the grill and flip it before it burns.

Each level requires that players score a certain level to advance. If you do not earn those points and complete each step in the time given, you can replay the level until you can advance. Thanks to the bright colors and fun designs, this is a great game for every member of the family. Younger kids may find some levels a little too hard to get through on their own, while older players could find some of the early levels a little too easy and boring. You can play the game on your own or use it as a fun way to spend some time together on family game night.

Every time that you reach a new level, you unlock a new recipe that you can add to your collection. The game shows the ingredients and steps needed to complete that recipe in real life. However, you will find that there is no way of printing out that recipe or saving it for your collection. Some players might find that writing down the steps to create a copy is too time consuming.

Cooking Academy places players in a cooking school. Throughout the game, you learn new skills that you can use when preparing dishes in each level. The game awards you a grade based on how well you performed the steps and how well you did in the level. The higher that you score, the higher of a grade you receive. You will love playing levels repeatedly to get the highest grade possible and to advance through cooking school. With bright graphics, bold colors, cheerful songs and various levels, the game is suitable for people of all ages. It is a great way to keep kids occupied while you spend time in the kitchen.


  • Challenging upper levels will keep frequent players entertained.
  • Cheerful music and bright colors excite younger players.
  • Levels increase slowly to help players adjust to the new skills they need in the higher levels.


  • Introductory tutorial levels are boring for older and more advanced players.
  • Players cannot save the recipes or print the recipes that they unlock.
  • Loud music and the primary colors make this a little more appealing for younger players.

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